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From the book Developmental Biology, 6th Edition, by Scott F.

Gilbert: “A male mammal has a penis, seminal vesicles, and prostate gland.

The host of a recent Soho Skeptics discussion was quite surprised to discover that transgender activism circa 2013 posits that the mere acknowledgement of the reality of human reproductive dimorphism (how babies are made!

) has become an “act of discrimination” against individuals who call themselves “transgender”, a self-identification that those who adopt it admit has no definition.

I knew that many of the attendees weren’t knowledgeable about the issues and that they may be a bit lost if they don’t understand some of the terminology.

One of the big problems, as I see it, is the conflation of the terms ‘sex’ and ‘gender’.

While continually citing the suicidality, morbidity and psychiatric and medical emergency of gender dysphoria, the carers and advocates for transgender persons- including those of the highest professional, therapeutic, academic, political and activist standing- have decided that care should be confined to those who can (and want to) medically and psychologically tolerate gender normative “treatment” and all other transgenders who suffer from sex or gender dysphoria can literally be damned.

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What of the individuals like Nathan Verhelst for whom such treatments abysmally fail to diagnose or cure?The following is a list written by a detransitioning woman outlining the missing factors in the care they were provided by medical practitioners, advocates, and the trans-supportive community at large.Much lip service is paid in transgender political lobbying around the difficulties in accessing “care” for transgender people.What treatments are available for gender dysphoric individuals for whom cross-hormone and cosmetic surgical options are medically contraindicated? This organization has presented itself as the worldwide cutting-edge authority in medical and therapeutic treatment for transgender individuals for decades, and is recognized as such by legal and medical and governmental agencies globally.What “care” is available for those many individuals suffering after “transition”? Org contacted WPATH (the premier medical lobbying group for transgender psychiatric and medical care) regarding resources and information for those who need to discontinue cross-sex hormones for various reasons they were told that WPATH had “no idea”. Yet they had “no idea” how to advise transgender medical consumers on how to safely desist cross-sex hormone therapy, and “no idea” where to refer such transgender persons.

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