Updating system specification

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However, to coordinate software updates on the cluster nodes, CAU requires cluster administrative credentials on every node.

Although the CAU UI can start without the credentials, it prompts for the cluster administrative credentials when it connects to a cluster instance to preview or apply updates. CAU comes with Power Shell cmdlets that offer a rich set of scripting options.

You can start an Updating run through the Cluster-Aware Updating window or by using the Invoke-Cau Run Power Shell cmdlet.

Remote-updating is the default updating mode for CAU.

By default, CAU selects the order of nodes to update based on the level of activity.CAU is an external cluster-updating solution that is layered on top of clustering APIs and Power Shell cmdlets.As such, CAU can coordinate updating for any clustered application that is configured in a Windows Server failover cluster. By default, CAU is configured with a plug-in that uses the Windows Update Agent (WUA) utility APIs on the cluster nodes.You can use Task Scheduler to run the Invoke-Cau Run cmdlet on a desired schedule from a remote computer that is not one of the cluster nodes. CAU doesn't impose any constraints in this regard.However, performing software updates on a server (with the associated potential restarts) while a server backup is in progress is not an IT best practice.

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