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Da es ja nun nen Thread für CWM gibt, dachtre ich mir, machste einen für das andere Recovery.

Stelle hiermit ein Custom Recovery auf Touch-Basis vor.

You probably don't need to wipe cache, and cache is already wiped as part of a factory reset.

In most ROMs, dalvik cache is stored in the data partition, so if you do a factory reset, you've also wiped dalvik cache.

So, I was wondering if there was a Nethunter zip that would completely overwrite the old stuff on my phone. SO basically, what I did was boot from a VM (i know, crazy idea), and install adb there, and from there do a install. Better than nothing I have the same problem on a Nexus 5, however, this error does not affect the operation of the system.

Otherwise, I would appreciate if somebody could point me/share to a nandroid/TWRP backup of any working OS for Nexus 4, I'm kind of desperate now. I didn't think that would work, because of previous experience, and I expected there to be some bridging issues between the guest OS and the device. Another thing I noticed, if you install only the core and apk, no error occurs, it occurs when you install a chroot, just disappears when you remove.

Of course, if the ROM maker recommends that you do a factory reset during an update, then it's a good idea to follow their recommendation.

The vast majority of ROMs wipe system as part of the zip install.

The bad news, is users are getting more and more issues, one after one another, when flashing TWRP over the MIUI 8, Marshmallow Android 6.01 version. TWRP simply cannot mount data onto the partition, hence causing it to ask for a Password, which was never initiated to begin with, and how you going to know the password to key-in.If you're installing a nightly update, then oftentimes you don't need to wipe anything at all.However, if you encounter strange behavior, then you may want to consider performing a factory reset.However, after trying to install a rom that would enable OTG support, my Nexus 4 stopped booting.I tried to reflash Kali Nethunter, but it still didn't work, and now TWRP is giving an error like this, even after wiping /system, /cache and /data: Updating partition details...

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