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"Gentlemen, if I have made a mistake, I'll soon correct that," said Gov. 10, 1936, as he introduced the charter members of the Alabama Highway Patrol to the public they were to serve. Charles O'Gwynn, one of those 74 officers who formed the nucleus of the state's fledgling Highway Patrol, said Gov. "He sure meant it; he stood by it," O'Gwynn remembered. These two officers, working out of the State Highway Department, were charged with enforcing all Alabama highway and carrier laws statewide. We stayed down at the hotel for four weeks, about three or four weeks, in training -- waiting for our uniforms to come in.

"Your conduct had to be exemplary in those days in order to stay on the patrol. The uniforms were slow coming in, and we were very proud of them, and we got to be close together, very close. And it's amazing how it's grown from 75 troopers to almost 1,200 (total employees) ...

Youth access to tobacco products is controlled through retail sales permits, regulation, law enforcement and education.

Methamphetamine precursors are regulated through retail sales registration, education and law enforcement efforts.

Its sworn and non-sworn personnel are charged with promoting traffic safety by enforcing traffic laws, issuing driver licenses, curtailing criminal activity by initiating investigations and/or providing investigative assistance to other agencies, and preserving life and protecting property by responding to natural disasters, riots and other emergencies. Graves recognized the physical impossibility of the officers' tasks, as well as the need for a statewide law enforcement agency. Breaking new ground On a cold, cloudy December day 50 years later, seven of the motorcycle-mounted charter Highway Patrol officers of 1935 were honored during a 50th Anniversary celebration of the Alabama Department of Public Safety. After I got broke up a couple of times, I decided to get in a car and stay there.

I can remember men who misbehaved, and they were gotten rid of quick-like." Indeed, Gov. And of course, there's a little difference in the pay, too, now and back in those days.

Graves had promised the state a highway patrol when campaigning for a second term in office. But back in those days, we had to have some groceries, and we were mighty glad to have the jobs." The Department of Public Safety has grown and prospered during its years, always in response to the changing needs of law enforcement.

The Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board Enforcement Division is responsible for regulating the sale of alcohol and tobacco products as set forth in Title 28, Code of Alabama, 1975, as amended.

It includes the enforcement of the ABC Board's Rules and Regulation and the licensing of all alcoholic beverage manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers.

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