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Ordinarily, a new User-side group policy does not take effect until the user logs off and back on, and a new Computer-side group policy does not take effect until you restart the computer.

Group policies are also applied in the background as part of a periodic refresh.

For a quick consistency check of GPC and GPT version numbers, you can use the Replication Monitor (Replmon) utility from the Support Tools.

And the contents of the two GPO components should always be the same on any given domain controller.If you want to apply a new group policy immediately, you can do so using the GPUPDATE utility. If the policies applied during this update do not affect a client-side extension that requires a logoff, then no logoff is performed.If you apply a Computer-side group policy that requires a restart to actually see the policy take effect, you can use the .An exact definition of "manage" can be a little elusive.For example, business schools teach that people cannot truly be "managed." They may allow themselves to be guided, goaded, cajoled, or dragged in the direction of a particular goal, but they never lose their waywardness.

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