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The first Greek references to the Goths call them Scythians, since this area along the Black Sea historically had been occupied by an unrelated people of that name.

The application of that designation to the Goths appears to be not ethnological but rather geographical and cultural - Greeks regarded both the ethnic Scythians and the Goths as barbarians.

The Goths dominated a vast area, The Goths spoke the Gothic language, one of the extinct East Germanic languages.

It was last spoken in Crimea in the 18th century by the Crimean Goths; the least-powerful, least-known, and almost paradoxically, the longest-lasting of the Gothic communities.

Götaland, south Sweden, with the island of Gotland in the east, a possible origin of the Goths; the southernmost and westernmost parts, Scania, Halland, Blekinge and Bohuslän, were originally not a part of Götaland, but were Dano-Norwegian territory until 1658.

In Old Norse they were known as the Gutar or Gotar, in Latin as the Gothi, and in Greek as the Γότθοι, Gótthoi.

Early archaeological evidence in the traditional Swedish province of Östergötland suggests a general depopulation during this period.

Upon their arrival on the Pontic Steppe, the Germanic tribes adopted the ways of the Eurasian nomads.

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