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Let Us Connect You With Brave Men and Women Who are Looking for Love With Someone Like You.

Find a Guy or Girl in Blue and Make a Love Connection Today!

Message members in real time from Law Enforcement officers in your area.

An officer’s job is summed up with “To serve and protect.” Your date will be looking out for the innocent and making citizens feel safe and secure. You’ll be dating someone who many consider to be a hero.

He enjoys talking about SWAT tactics and Dive Team operations as he is a member of both.

Paul is attracted to females who do Crossfit but also like to party.

The most common lies uncovered were those who indicated they support community policing and are completely satisfied with their current leadership.“We really try to do a thorough background check on all applicants to the site,” reiterated Officer Danforth.“The last thing we need are for more people to not trust our product or worse, think that it’s some sort of satire site like ,” explained Danforth.There are lots of biased sites that you simply cannot trust. Go Out With Someone Who Has Sworn to Serve and Protect Others!He enjoys the challenge and doesn’t mind rejection.The lucky gal must also love talking about Paul’s interest which are listed above.

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