Dating my ex husband again dating girls sri lanka

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After the time was up, CPS came to meet me and said that they found out the story the my Ex's daughter said was not true at all. This is the same Ex's daughter that I put on my medical insurance because she didn't have any and her Father didn't have a job that had insurance.

This is the same person that kept using my medical after I divorced my wife at the time and used it to give birth to her first child.

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I said that he has something wrong with him and it's hereditary. Now, my Ex's daughter is going to be in a financial bind.

A long time ago, I told my Ex that her daughter shouldn't be dating him.

She lives about 10 min away and I don't know but I'm thinking she is in financial difficulty. Mind you, this is the same person that got me in trouble with CPS. She would not do her homework and she'd just be a typical teenager and was on the phone all night long.

I was going to offer her a place to stay till she gets back on her feet and with whatever it is I can help with. Today,noticed all the toys outside was no longer there. So, when she went to school without doing her homework, she made up a story that I shot up the house and that's why she couldn't do her homework.

That was over a thirty thousand dollar bill for me.Sheridan Smith has gone public with her romance with Reg Traviss, the former boyfriend of the late Amy Winehouse.The two were first spotted together last week, when they were seen leaving celeb hotspot The Groucho Club together.So of course, CPS intervened and called the cops on me.Cops said they saw no evidence of me shooting up the house and it was obviously a made up story.

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