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Nobody had done something like this yet—not only in Syktyvkar or in Russia, but in the whole world. It was hard to articulate what exactly these people were doing that was against the law, since drones didn’t even exist when the law was written.He did his best to find the words to voice a complaint.

Meet beautiful women for love, romance, dating, friendship and marriage An international dating for love and marriage. Now he had to find out how to actually make the deliveries.First of all, to make deliveries by copter, Oleg needed copters. And he would have to buy a few if he wanted to make it in the delivery business. But one day, he got an e-mail from a guy who proposed making a small investment in exchange for a small share in the business. He was one of the founders of SPB Software, one of the leading companies that developed solutions for mobile platforms.They were making a lot of noise and were bothering all the respectable citizens living in the area. He was joined by Oleg Ponfilyonok, the founder of Copter Express, a startup company from Moscow.When policemen arrived at the location, they did find a few people in the garage, although the crime scene looked somewhat unusual. The challenge was to do the real thing, for actual customers—not a performance for shooting a TV ad.

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