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I just spray them on, go to school, I get the whiffs of them, cool story, move on.With this however, I was looking like some drug addict having my wrist up my nose all the time just to smell it. Save your money unless you like a generic non descript fragrance.But it was so rich, kind of like eating a whole chocolate cake instead of just a slice. The first time I encountered this fragrance, the sample sprayed on my wrist followed me all over the mall and I was so captivated that I went back and bought a bottle. The sillage on this firm favourite is heavy with long-lasting longevity. Is more an OK fragance,it's unique (at least in my country) but the silage is not so good and I was expecting a lot more for a 0 dollars EDP version fragance. I suggest to try this one before making a blind purchase.

All other fragrances people say smell "clean" are not at all on the same level as this one.

I also have to laugh a bit about some of the fanboy comments below, proclaiming Bd C to be "the king" or uber-manly juice. This is the essence of conformity: a clean-cut young male who dutifully obeys authority (and the women in his life) and tends toward the metro side. All that said, I really, really like the combination of notes in Bd C.

It's a joy while it lasts, but I can't think of any reason to either consider it a daily driver or to prefer it over many of the designer analogs out there (Perry Ellis pour Homme, Tag Him, Benetton, Jimmy Choo, etc.) or the many others in its general style (Versace Dylan Blue, Sauvage, etc.) Had Bleu de Chanel possessed any kind of longevity, I'd absolutely change my tune, but it sadly is what it is. How generic it is, and how many people refer to it as 'king', I find baffling.

You can literally smell other fragrances and be able to identify that they are parfumes, because they are offensive and strong most of the time. In fact, I'm fucking obsessed with this smell, I can't stop inhaling it.

This one however, would be hard to guess for anyone that it's "just a parfume". It's so inoffensive that I can literally deep inhale the smell all the time, all day long.

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