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She will not be able to remove memories without gaining them herself. She will have some perception of water, able to sense it when it is near her, and she will be able to control its movements finely.She will be able to use water to attack people, emitting blasts to push them backwards and drown them, and she could force water into unnatural constructs such as columns or spheres.She will always need to touch a person to steal any memories.She will be able to choose which memories she takes, and will be capable of erasing a person's entire memories which will leave him or her as a blank state with no known identity. This ability will let Midori manipulate water on a molecular level.Midori will have expressive dark brown eyes throughout her life.Her skin will be pale originally, but will later tan well.

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She will be the eldest daughter and child of Stephanie and Kaishou Nakamura.

She will have the abilities of Ecological Empathy, Age Manipulation, Memory Absorption and Aquagenism.

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