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"There will be payback for this cheating." Then I laughed at my paranoia. Sometimes the police would take quick glances at our car's paperwork.It's not like there's some great cosmic scorecard somewhere that says that I'll be punished each time I travel in air conditioning. Sometimes they'd ask outright "What do you have for me? This worked fine until Dad moved into the passenger seat, installing MM as the driver.I nearly commended MM's excellent turn in one town, when we'd gone the wrong way.But she's a new driver and I didn't want to make her nervous.Firstly, a ‘friend’ I made out there became a little too friendly, and after declaring his love continuously for my friend whilst in the country (and did not get the response he was looking for) he proceeded to do the same with me.He then began asking me for money, time and time again. Secondly, on return from my trip I considered undertaking some charity work in the country, to build a school was one idea, but since speaking to people undertaking similar projects and researching on the internet I have heard many, many horror stories, and therefore have decided that I am not in a position at the moment to do such work.Yaya left me in the hands of my new temporary Dutch family.None of us knew much about the birds we were going to see at the camp in Janjanbureh (Georgetown) – they chirp, fly, and sometimes look pretty.

There are a couple of reasons I came across the information that I am about to share with you.I found this extremely shocking, whilst insightful to read.Here is a summary of some of the things I read: These examples are not isolated cases, there are so many examples of this on the internet, and what’s funny is that many of the stories quote things that the men have said to them, and they all say things that I have myself heard from Gambian men!I am simply sharing information that I was very shocked to read.If you have any similar or contradictory experiences I would love to hear then-please comment below!

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