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You just have to be ready to have a successful relationship.

Whether you’re a school teacher, a successful business owner, a busy professional or somewhere in-between, we can customize something that works just for you.

Once we understand you on a personal level, we will arrange introductions for you with other eligible professionals, who we think will suit you best.

Experience has taught us that this personal approach is the fundamental linchpin in pairing like-minded individuals with one another.

What matters is that our introductions make you feel safe, secure and excited.

If we can deliver this and help you develop a lasting relationship, then we are confident you will feel as rewarded by Berkeley International as we do.

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Her clients can easily get dates, but they look to Jamie to find them the right person whom could become more than a date.We cannot accept every client we meet without a background check will be performed. Let us qualify all of the available bachelors and bachelorettes and we will be the picky ones for you; this is how we keep our client’s success rate very high.Jamie reminds her clients that we can go through relationships with blinders on.We are here to make sure you keep your long term goals in hindsight.If you get off track, miss a red flag or two, we can guide you back in the right direction. Fill out our form, or give us a call to take a step on the right track in reaching your relationship goals.

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